Action Action

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It all started in the fall of 2001 when the Hart brothers (drummer Brent and singer Josh) were playing in St. Louis thrash/grind outfit Our Reunion Show Will End In Dynamite. However, Josh's growing interest in noise rock, new-wave, and post-punk led him to quit the band in December 2002 to start a new project in which he played keyboards with bassist Sully Smith, who had moved to town from Chicago after the breakup of his band Alaska, and drummer Clyde Brown and guitarist Samuel Churchill of Hands On Your Head. They project was called Action Action, but Josh and Sully were devoted to the band full-time, while Hands On Your Head also had a demanding schedule. So Clyde and Samuel left the band, leaving Action Action without a guitarist and a drummer. Fortuneatly, Josh convinced his brother Brent to quit Our Reunion Show Will End In Dynamite to join Action Action, while Sully switched to guitar. Then Action Action enrolled Daniel Rostenburg, formerly of the Tennessee band Hell Rises From the Hearts of the Fallen to Collide With the Heavens Burning Over Our Heads. And since January 2003, Action Action has been touring relentlessly at DIY punk and screamo venues, playing their unique blend of grind, punk, new wave, screamo, emo, and emocore. Now with an EP released on Foundation Recordings under their belt, they prepare to record for their full-length due out December 2004 on Big Bite Records.